Our Staff

ADAMS Ashburn has a dedicated staff of educators collaborating to optimize the learning environment of the school for all students. Please feel free to contact any of your child‘s teachers with their contact information listed below:

First Name Last Name Grade Email Website Address
Sameen Bozai 1st Grade AM & Pre K ,KG PM sameenbozai@gmail.com View
Aniqa Siddiqi 3rd Grade AM & 3rd, 4th Grade PM aniqasiddiqi7@gmail.com View
Kashmala Naz 5th & 6th grade (Quraan) kashmala_naz@hotmail.com View
Hannah Raja Fifth Grade hannah24uk@yahoo.com View
Jannat Raja 2nd Grade AM & 1st. 2nd Grade PM jannatraja@hotmail.com View
Usman Nawaz 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade (Quraan) AM usmannawaz990@gmail.com View
Naliha Islam 4th Grade nailahislam77@gmail.com View
Amtul Farees KG AM afbozai@gmail.com View
Ezza Anees 6th Grade ezza.anees@gmail.com View